Missions & Evangelism

We are an evangelistic organization with a mandate of furthering the gospel worldwide through evangelism and church establishment as the lord leads. Christ in touch foundation’s life-changing programs are designed in the way that they have visionary ingredient of evangelism which our back bone, in doing so we purpose to change people’s physical lives to affect their spiritual lives as well. Through evangelism and missions done by the organization many souls have come to understand the saving knowledge and grace of our lord Jesus Christ throughout the country. Christ in touch foundation puts much consideration in discipleship and sound doctrine to all its students before sending them out to affect the others with love and grace of our lord Jesus Christ. The foundation has done intervention mix while implementing evangelism because it cross cuts all other areas of interest. The foundation has engaged itself in many activities geared at spreading the good news and these are some of the most prominent ones.

Medical camps: its more blessed to give than to receive, Acts 20:35 we are drove by the passion to reach out those in need in terms of health complication and in long run it turns out to be the catalyst that paves way for the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. Through these medical camps many people have been healed of diseases and have turned to their lives to Jesus as their lord and savior. So the foundation benchmarks areas where health service delivery is limited and we reach them with the love of Christ through those medical camps.

Mission trips are very necessary to further the gospel in different rural and urban areas, and this necessitates fulfilling the immediate needs of the people so to prepare them to respond to the gospel positively.

The foundation has carried out 10 prison outreaches in Kabassanda, kigo, luzira prisons and we had an opportunity of doing compassionate evangelism and this saw it to winning 200 souls back to Jesus, 15 outreaches to secondary schools which involved movie screening and witnessing, 5 outreaches to primary schools, 4 mission trips to Mityana, Abim, Hoima and Kamuli districts respectively, discipleship classes of pastors and young leaders among others. The foundation has partnered and networked with many churches to facilitate the influx of new converts and also guide them on their new path in Christ as they grow in the lord’s love. The churches include the following grace covenant church, God cares church, Calvary Chapel Kampala, Christ Embassy, Apostolic salvation and revival church, Keepers of the word church, Kampala revival church, Christian evangelistic ministries, Ark of safety, Pishon River church, victory church, Rivers of life, Remnant ministries church, King of Kings church, God is live, light and glory church, Nsambya discipleship fellowship, flaming sword ministry international, amazing grace worship Centre, open Gates church Lusaka, clean heart.

However the foundation would have done better than this but because we are constrained financially we cannot do much, therefore we request anyone who can be able to support this cause for the furtherance of the gospel to stand with us with any mount you can afford regardless of how big or small it is it can make a paramount difference in expansion of the good news and at the same time thriving communities from poverty and other physical vulnerabilities.

The foundation has raid key strategies that would be fundamental in successful implementation of this intervention even across the nations and these include the following.

  • Building a discipleship school to ground all young leaders, missionaries, church leaders with the word of God and leadership skills which the can use to overturn immorality that is a manifest in our societies today hence creating God fearing thriving communities which alone has profound effect on spiritual, social economic development of individuals and societies they dwell.
  • Networking locally and internationally with individuals, foundations, organizations and government agencies which cherish the vision of furthering the gospel not only that but also looking out to pull up the underserved population through compassionate evangelism. We aim to reach in hard to reach areas with the gospel through an intervention mix that’s to say evangelism in healthcare, education, WASH, poverty alleviation etc. we take pride in seeing God transforming both physical and spiritual lives of his children and we will fight to create the enabling environment that can both promote and sustain it.
  • Mission trips are very necessary to further the gospel in different rural and urban areas, and this necessitates fulfilling the immediate needs of the people so to prepare them to respond to the gospel positively. This requires the foundation to be equipped with the basic needs necessary to bless those people in need. In this case the foundation is seeking God to provide all the necessities including a foundation vehicle that can help transport volunteers and the relief to different destinations.
  • The foundation will have to continue with the outreaches in markets, schools, prisons, universities and hospitals and also support street preachers so as get greater success in this intervention.


  • The foundation wants to reach over five million people with the gospel using different approaches depending on their settings, this will be done across the country
  • The foundation intends to equip more than 1,000 pastors, 15000 youth leaders with leadership skills in order to prepare them to address challenges affecting the both Christian and secular settings.
  • A truck that can transport medical staff to the medical camp destination and also perform other ministry work, medicine, more bibles and Christian literature is urgently needed to facilitate the new converts; we need clothes and other food supplements to help children and pregnant mothers in the field. More doctors who can volunteer to take Christ to other people.
  • The foundation will establish more than 1000 Christian cells or groups across all the institutions and these will help to mentor the new converts and guide them as they continue to move with Christ our lord.