Christ in touch foundation has made commendable efforts in giving a hand to vulnerable children and youth to continue with their education but due to our budget we are constrained by the overwhelming numbers of needy children and youth in the field of education.

Primary school retention remains a challenge for the Government due to high dropout rates. Consequently, the transition rate from primary to post-primary and tertiary levels has been low and very few children are now likely to complete primary and continue to higher levels of education.

As in most African societies, Uganda’s extended families have assumed the major Responsibility for the care of orphans and vulnerable children.

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Situation Analysis Report, 2009 estimated that nearly half (48%) of all Ugandan orphans are a result of HIV/AIDS. Up to 43% of all children (7.3 million) live in moderately vulnerable situation, while 8 % (1.3 million) live in critically vulnerable situation. Approximately 14 percent of children in Uganda below 18 years of age are orphans, among those, 20 percent of children 6–17 years are orphans.

As in most African societies, Uganda’s extended families have assumed the major Responsibility for the care of orphans and vulnerable children. The Ugandan government has played a minimal role in the care of orphans and vulnerable children. This leaves the burden to families, households, and communities, all of which are being stretched to the breaking point. Whether households caring for orphans and vulnerable children will be able to meet their basic needs depends largely on the family income.

Christ in touch foundation recognizes the fact that denying children access to quality education increases their vulnerability to abuse, Exploitation and disease. As HIV/AIDS impoverishes more families and produces new generations of orphans, its impact on children’s rights to education is only likely to intensify. Investing in children’s education is important to avoid the greater long-term costs of losing and not educating children and leaving them vulnerable.

The ever-worsening situation of these children and youth has led Christ in touch foundation to seek for partnership both locally and internationally to jointly address the menace while trying better the situation through various schemes and approaches that are going to contribute to Education to mitigate the current situation.

The foundation has earmarked and recognized the importance of education to developing societies which has a profound bearing of human development which is a key aspect in averting poverty and triggering social and economic transformation. Education breaks generational cycles of poverty by enabling children to gain skills and knowledge for better jobs. Education is strongly linked to concrete improvements in health and nutrition, improving children’s very chances for survival. Education empowers children to be full and active participants in society, able to exercise their rights and engage in civil and political life. It is well-documented that increasing girls’ access to education has benefits for development, particularly maternal and children’s health, economic growth, sustainable family size, and democracy. For example, an additional year of girls’ education can reduce infant mortality by 5-10 percent. Education is also a powerful protection factor: children who are in school are less likely to come in conflict with the law and much less vulnerable to rampant forms of child exploitation.

Sports & Culture

The foundation cherishes in God given talents of individuals and we believe that if they are nurtured very well they can bring about economic transformation, sports can bring to light a lot social and economic gaps, it’s very essential in advocacy of certain agenda and the foundation is tapping into it to change lives of these young star because many people have become millionaires due to their talent with the same hope we believe that the same can still happen among these young vulnerable children on streets and broken homes. The foundation emphasizes more to build what you have to earn the living instead of being dependent which creates self sustenance. The foundation engages in sports like football, netball, indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, draft among others and athletic games.

On the other side the foundation instigates morals through emphasizing cultural practices which don’t in any way affect the rights and freedoms. Music, Dance and drama is one of the most prominent pillars where the foundation rests. The foundation organizes cultural and sports galas to promote competition among the participants and to evaluate performance.

The foundation seeks more sports materials like indoor games like badminton, chess, table tennis equipment and also balls, sports wears, shoes for football and netball in order to enhance the nurturing of the talent.