Welcome to Christ in Touch Foundation

Christ in Touch Foundation (CTF in acronym) is a faith based not for profit non-government organization fully registered and operational in Uganda.

The organization was founded by Pastor Kabagambe Eric and Nerima Agnes alongside other pioneers with zeal of touching and transforming generations from poverty, disease, illiteracy, inequality and above all lifting them spiritually.

Christ in Touch Foundation envisions a creation of an enabling environment that makes Uganda a better place for everyone in the field of social economic development and it can only be done through implementation of activities that create sustainable development and networks which are key to transforming people and bringing them closer to their savior.

Our Theme

Charitable work is a basic expression of human relationships, it’s about people’s needs to participate in their societies and feel that they matter to others.

Christ in Touch Foundation strongly believes that social relationships intrinsic to charitable work are critical to individuals and the community’s wellbeing. The ethos of charitable work are infused with values including solidarity, reciprocity, mutual trust, belonging and empowerment, all of which contribute significantly to the quality of life.